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Enhanced Efficiency

Experience a substantial boost in operational efficiency as our system seamlessly streamlines your day-to-day operations. This leads to a significant enhancement in productivity, enabling you to concentrate on the core aspects that truly impact your business.

Reliability and Security

Trust in our advanced security measures that safeguard your sensitive valuable business data, ensuring a secure environment that grants you peace of mind.  We are dedicated to providing a secure environment and giving you peace of mind.

Tailored Comprehensive Solution

Our system is meticulously crafted based on in-depth customer surveys to ensure it fully meets your needs. We not only take into account the uniqueness of your business but also pay attention to the details, providing a comprehensive solution that aligns with your expectations.

Expertise and Innovation

Our skilled developers, with a wealth of experience, bring their expertise to design advanced business software systems. Choose us for software solutions that blend deep industry knowledge with the latest technological advancements, driving your success in a rapidly evolving business environment.


Choose us for your business software needs and discover unparalleled cost-effectiveness. Our commitment lies in providing efficient, affordable solutions that empower your business to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Our Portfolio

Beauty Heart Sue

  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Inventory Management System with POS
  • Booking Management System

Yik Fei Wing Wo

  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Inventory Management System with POS
  • Advanced File Management System

Lok Kiu Trading

  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Inventory Management System with POS
  • Advanced File Management System

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Our Client Says

I'm impressed with the attention to detail in this system. The user interface is not only easy to navigate but also aesthetically pleasing. The technical support is responsive, addressing any concerns promptly.

Liu Ming Hua

We've experienced a remarkable improvement in our project management processes since the implementation of the new system. The centralized platform has greatly streamlined communication.

Chan Kwok Tung

Project Manager
This impressive HRM system revolutionized HR processes, seamlessly integrating onboarding to payroll, effectively saving time, and eliminating errors with streamlined processes.

Huang Mei Xin

Human Resource

Why Choose Us

Innovative Technology Integration

Experience seamless innovation with integrated cutting-edge technology.

Customization and Personalization

Customize your system for a personalized solution that uniquely fits your needs.


Security and Reliability

Your data is secure with encryption and transparent privacy policies.

Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our products offer a 7-day free trial of the full version of the system. Click this button and fill out the form to register for your free trial, and our customer support will reach out to you at your earliest convenience.

The prices of all products vary. Every product comes with options for monthly and yearly payment plans, click here to reach our customer support to get the pricing plan.

Not all systems come with a mobile app. However, the Project Management System with App (Jacal), Logistic Management System with App, Education Management System with App (TopCourse), Online Shop with/without App, Beauty System with App (BeautyBox), and Hospital/Clinic Management with App (Druug) offer application compatible with iOS, Android, and websites. The remaining systems are exclusively accessible through websites.

Yes, your information is consistently secure, and access is restricted to authorized users within your organization. TNBT employs a range of security measures, such as server authentication and advanced internet security technology, to guarantee the safety and exclusivity of your data.

Businesses of various sizes and industries can benefit from our systems. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our systems are tailored to seamlessly adapt to your specific needs.

Yes, TNBT's products effortlessly adapt to accommodate businesses of all sizes, ranging from sole proprietorships to global enterprises. Experience the perks and advantages offered by every TNBT product, regardless of the scale of your business.

Yes, you can reach our customer support either by calling +852 2156 9906 or by filling out this form.

Absolutely! We specialize in tailoring systems to meet your unique needs. Contact us now at +852 2156 9906 to discuss your customization requirements.

Yes, some systems offer a migration option, although each system may have its own set of rules for importing.

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